Ill Advisory, Part 2

Craigslist is awesome. I found a square drive Oster Blender with a glass jar in a neighboring town for $20. On my way home from work I took a short detour and picked it up. Perfect for the job since the square drive blender is an all metal connection, not the rubber/plastic fan thingy that I suspect would shred the moment we put 3-HP to it. Not being able to leave well enough alone, I took apart the base to see how much work was in store for me.

Square Drive Blender Base

It took a bit of work to get the square pin off the top of the electric motor and out of the plastic base, but I figured it out without damaging anything. I may need to come up with a special adapter since the motor has a metric shaft and the blender pin appears to be SAE. Time will tell, and right now time is on my side.

Electric Blender Internals

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