Headset Madness

Meanwhile at the other end of the work bench:

Parts were soaking in carb cleaner to get the crap off ‘em.

Guess what I found when I started cleaning parts?

Yep, more awesome details. Check out the little shims they put in the ferrules to keep the twisting motion of the screw off of the cable. AWESOME.

Once all the control parts are clean, I start putting it together.

I still love the engineering that went into the construction of these scooters. There’s so much thought in how the controls work. I inserted the throttle tube and shifter tube then dropped the clips to keep ‘em together.

One by one I inserted new cables into the cable housings. First the shift cables. Then the throttle cable and last the clutch and brake cables. I sure am glad I saved the easy ones for last! 

The shifter cables catch on the ferrules at the tail end and the housings had to be pulled out of the ferrules, then re-inserted once the cable itself was fed through.

This little bastard goes in the clutch lever assembly on the end of the cable housing.

Except that it doesn’t fit in from the outside. And if you put it on the cable then slide the cable housing in it falls off and rolls under the workbench. So then you drop it in place through the throttle tube and use picks to get it aligned properly before you feed the cable through. What a pain in the ass.

It goes in there:

Brake cable not installed yet:

So four hours later, this is what I’ve got:

The headset is assembled, all the cables are in but none are adjusted. The steering bearings are greased, the levers are attached but not tight, and I’ve come up with a crazy plan to make my 6V DC horn work on this 12v AC bike.

Today I took a break from life and took the KTM up into the hills. After a brief stint of work I’ll get back to getting back to it.

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