Progress, if only slightly

Okay so it’s been a few weeks. I’ve been spending a lot of time at work, but finally have some time to get stuff done…

First, (there’s no pictures of this) I took the “new” headset to a guy I know. He says he can match that old one, and even put a patina on it so that it doesn’t look like a fresh paint job, even though it is. That’s good, because my scoot has the original 1974 paint on it, and a perfectly painted headset would look wrong. Initially I was worried that he might not be able to do a patina, not that I can, but you know… Anyway, I got to his shop and we talked for a while and he showed me some stuff. All I can say is that his shop is one of those places you hear about. Dozens of tanks on a rack in various states of paint. Custom helmets, old very rare bikes. Ground up restorations, etc. The money I’m spending on this, while not cheap, isn’t a lot more than what I expected to pay in materials, except that I’ve never painted anything where the final finish really matters. The piece of mind is worth the extra money. I’ll provide pics and references when the time is right.

My friend needs a little body work to bring his new-to-him restored-then-used Rally 200 up to his standards. Here it is in the back of my truck:

So I’m digging around in the garage today. I’ve got my buddy’s Rally 200 in there making the number of bikes more like a crowd, the work bench is covered in the last 6 months worth of projects and I need it cleared up so I can get some work done on the Rally. I’m putting stuff away, sweeping, moving, packing, filing and wiping.

What do I find? The original wiring harness I pulled out 8 years ago, and some of the associated notes I took. That’s what:

I cant’ bring myself to chuck it, but it’s really useless…

Oh yeah, and “the box” arrived yesterday. It has some good stuff in it that I’ll put to use while the headset is at the painter. On the list: all the control cables, refresh the carb, and a few other things. Call me a tool whore, but I had to have the “fourth hand” cable tool. I hope it works as well as they say it does.

More when i get to it.

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