A Long Day on a Small bike

The San Francisco Classic was a few weekends ago. It’s a scooter rally put on by the Black Sheep Scooter Club in San Francisco for vintage scooters. After some deliberation and a little bit of preparation I decided to ride the 60+ miles to SF for the show.

I hit some fun scenery along the way, rode out from under the fog early, stopped for a coffee in Fairfax and made it in time for the 11:00 am ride.

The rally was a good time. There were a ton of vintage bikes there in all conditions, from “barn fresh” to full restored.

We smoked up SF in grand style, riding a curvatious route up and down most of the hills and finally ending up in Harding Park for a BBQ.

Then it was back on the road to get home before dark. This time I took the coast route and made time on Hwy 1 chasing down a bunch of Harleys. They had me in the straights but I caught them in the curves every time. I’m pretty sure the tail rider was not happy seeing me in his mirrors.

I ran my SPOT tracker the whole way… Here’s the track:

It was a long day indeed. Over 150 miles on a 2-stroke, 200cc metal frame, manual shift scooter. I do it again tomorrow if I had a reason. Or even if I didn’t have a reason but did have the time.

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