Lost and Found

The Vespa is up on the table again. This time it’s for a severely cracked and potentially unsafe series of cracks in the headset. More on this later.

While I was perusing Modern Vespa I came across someone who was troubleshooting a wiring issue on a scooter that is the same model and year as mine. The odd part about our scooters is the location of the ignition switch- under the seat by the fuel petcock.

There is no aftermarket wiring harness available for this model. There is also no known wiring diagram from which someone can troubleshoot.

That is, there wasn’t.

Years ago I was having shorting issues which blew all of the light bulbs eventually, but none of the fuses. The problem manifested itself in a before-sunrise 20 mile ride through the northern California countryside on the way to meet a friend to truck the scooter into the City for a rally.

After the low beam bulb blew, then the tail light and high beam bulb, I rode the last several miles into Petaluma blacked out. Lucky for me there was no law enforcement presence in the area. I have to admit it was kind of fun riding along in the pre-dawn light all ninja-like. If anyone had actually been awake at that hour, I might have even been able to sneak up on ‘em.

So anyway, when I saw the post about the scooterist’s troubles with his wiring I was reminded of a few wrinkled scraps of graph paper in the bottom of one of my box-type clipboards I salvaged from a previous job and use in the garage as a notepad. They have greasy fingerprints on them, seemed to be written in code, and included a fairly well drawn wiring diagram that I had created as I pulled the old harness apart. It is complete with terminal numbers from the back of the switch plates.

After scanning and posting the diagram, there is now at least one. I hope someone finds it useful, as I have no use for it anymore. When I rewired my scooter I made some modifications and the harness now looks nothing like what came out of it.

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