Upheaval in the Garage

The pile of crap kept getting deeper and there was no place to put any of it. The workbench was no longer usable a good portion of the time and to get anything done there had to be a rearrangement to make space. Once done, magically, the space made would disappear into the pile as if all the important things were moving themselves into the cleared space. Every time I had a little project, or a little maintenance to do, I had to move a bunch of stuff to make room to do it. Every project, every day.

Finally, I’d had enough and went wild. I bought a couple new shelving units, removed some old inefficient shelves, cut the old work bench down (who needs a 7 footer when all you do is store stuff on it?) and tore into the wall.

With the the change in floor plans came a new sub-panel in the garage. Now, to use the welder, I just have to plug it in instead of doing the move-the-dryer-and-use-an-extenstion-cord dance. Especially since every time I use it, the Mrs. wants to use the dryer. Also included is a dedicated 110V-20A service for an air compressor. Easily converted to 220 if I want. But I don’t. I’m pretty sure I won’t need a compressor that big. Ever.

So now, just a little sanding and putting all that stuff piled into the middle of the garage back where it belongs. It may be a while- it’s a lot of stuff.

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