Long Term Maintenance

About 30,000 miles ago I replaced the swing arm pivot bearings on the BMW. These are the little tapered roller bearings at the joint between the swing arm and the final drive on the rear end. Originally, there was a movement away from the bearings because they got flat, and someone at Rubber Chicken Racing sourced some oil-lite bronze bushings that would be a direct replacement.

The problem I’ve had is that they’re constantly wearing even though they were installed as the instructions specified. This means heating the adjustable post on the inside of the swing arm, re-torquing the post and adjusting the locknut. Normally it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but the pivot has to be heated to about 200 degrees before it loosens up.

This also means that the “rear end” of the bike always has a little play in it, becoming especially noticeable when leaned over in a turn and opening the throttle from closed, or closing the throttle from open, upsetting the chassis and forcing a steering adjustment. No fun.

Also in the works, a pair of Wilbers shocks.

Before you get uptight about how dirty it is in there, consider that this bike gets ridden. There’s no time for polishing.

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