Fire Pit v1.0

I have great friends. There’s no getting around that. They do interesting things and inspire me to do interesting things myself. One of the things I’m doing is learning to weld. This of course is because of my friends. One of them made a natural gas fire pit and installed it in his back yard. Here it is before the final ground cover went down around it:

Fire Pit

I really like the way this came out and decided that I need one as well. Except that I’m not going to pull up my pavers in the yard to install one or to install a natural gas line. So mine will be portable, on casters, and have a nice stainless braided line attached so I can toss the propane bottle in the bushes where no one will see it.

Here’s a few pictures as it’s been coming together.

The Barrel

Discs are tacked on

Edges of the box added

Almost there

Of course a lot of finishing needs to go on before it’s ready, and I’ll probably even powder coat it before we go live. I still need to get the casters and attach them, then get the plumbing done. After that it will almost be show time.

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