I have some interesting ideas. One of them involves some simple but time consuming shapes. I spent an afternoon or two in the garage the other day putting together a sample. We’ll see how it comes out after it’s been powder coated.

And no, the blender is not finished. I ran into a snag and haven’t addressed it yet.

And now, it’s back from the powder coater and filled with flowers.


Roadside adjustments

There was some riding to be a little while ago. For the most part, with the weird weather patterns we’re having right now, there is still riding to be had daily. Alas, I had ridden the Vespa up to Santa Rosa where my buddy lives. We took off on a little spin around town when he started having trouble. A roadside repair was in order.

As it turns out, the top of the carburetor came off. All the screws had backed out and the spring and slide were loose. It makes for some exciting downhills when the carb doesn’t close.

After some time tinkering with it, and some fun with the stock, original tool kit from my scooter, we got back on the road again only to have another failure later. This problem appears to be electrical and has not been sorted yet.  :-(








It all came together

After a little bit of work and a lot of time, the two yard projects finally came together. Well, truthfully, there’s four projects in this picture, but the two I’m referring to are the chairs and the fire pit.

The final fitting of the propane burner wasn’t too difficult. A little bit of tweaking and it should be good to go for a long time- or until the propane runs out.