Assessing the work ahead

I took the seat off the R65 today so see what was under there… I gave the throttle cables a little lube with “Cable Life” and then opened up the throttle control cover to see what shape the cam gears are in. They’re worn, but working well and replacements are available.

The wiring loom looks like it’s in good shape but everything is dirty and dusty. I disconnected a few connectors, sprayed them with contact cleaner and a bit of dielectric grease then plugged them back in. Some of the connectors didn’t want to come apart so I didn’t force them. Everything appears to work except for the neutral switch, which is a reasonably big job.

The speedometer is not rising above 45 MPH even though the odometer is adding miles properly. I looked under the cover but wasn’t willing to force the speedometer cable off the connector. It’s pretty corroded.


Fire Pit, v1.0 Update

Finally did some work on the fire pit. The biggest wait was getting the proper casters for the underside, making the pit mobile. This is key- the yard has a few seating options and digging up the pavers to install a pit would not only make things a bit to rigid out there but also require I destruct a past project that took a lot of time and effort to complete.

The rough plumbing is done as well. I’m installing a propane burner that will go under the fire glass on top. The only thing I couldn’t find was a not brass valve trim. I guess I’ll take that with me to the powder coat shop and see if they’ll match it to the pit.