Last Ride Before the Rain

The weather is still nice. Well, actually it’s starting to go back to the “regular” winter stuff. Rain is in the forecast and over the duration of today’s ride the temperature steadily dropped. Luckily, before it closed in I was able to get out for another back roads ride. The suspension on the KTM, set up for “race ready” rallye riding is perfect for the local goat roads.

It’s the simple things…

The weather is nice today. Heck, it’s been nice almost all winter but for some reason, after two days of rain it’s suddenly “nicer.” The next two days are supposed to be even warmer- like into the high 70′s warmer. Anticipating that I’m not going to be able to get out this weekend, I postponed the chores and quit working on the fire pit a little early so I could get a ride in. Just a quick afternoon jaunt up the valley and back down. Sometimes it’s easy being spoiled.