The Blender; Progress and a deadline

Well, the Chili Cook-off is coming up and I’ve been a little bit busy lately trying to get the blender up and running for this year’s event. Between the freehand frame to carry it, and the beat-up gas tank from a chopper, my hands have been full and the garage has been covered in slag. The first order of business has been to get the engine in the frame and  running. And it does:

Now of course comes the hard part. How do I shoehorn it in and make it look good and work? More to come… I’m going to try to hammer this one out in the next few days.

Ill Advisory, Part 2

Craigslist is awesome. I found a square drive Oster Blender with a glass jar in a neighboring town for $20. On my way home from work I took a short detour and picked it up. Perfect for the job since the square drive blender is an all metal connection, not the rubber/plastic fan thingy that I suspect would shred the moment we put 3-HP to it. Not being able to leave well enough alone, I took apart the base to see how much work was in store for me.

Square Drive Blender Base

It took a bit of work to get the square pin off the top of the electric motor and out of the plastic base, but I figured it out without damaging anything. I may need to come up with a special adapter since the motor has a metric shaft and the blender pin appears to be SAE. Time will tell, and right now time is on my side.

Electric Blender Internals

Another Ill Advised Project

Have you ever seen one of those  gas powered blenders? You know, the one with the obnoxiously loud two-stroke engine that spins up your favorite frozen drink without the support of electricity or a generator? For some reason I think I need one. Lucky for me, I’ve been handed a slightly damaged small engine that would be perfect for conversion. The only catch? It’s still attached to a GoPed scooter.

This scooter has seen lots of use and eventually the exhaust attachment on the cylinder castings broke off, exposing the piston and preventing the reattachment of the pipe without a new barrel. Since parts are readily available for these engines, I’m taking on the project.

Since it’s a work in progress, I have no sketches or plans. Just a bunch of ideas floating around inside my head. I figure this is the best way to avoid disappointment- if I have no expected outcome, anything that works will be acceptable. We’ll see how this works out.

With the engine and gas tank off, the scooter is basically a rolling chassis. The last thing I need is a scooter, engine or no. The small wheels and extreme speed have proven to be injurious to people I know, and I’m not going to take the chance.

Here is the broken exhaust port casting on the cylinder:

Casting bits that were still attached to the muffler:

So far, all that’s been done is disassembly and cleaning. A new cylinder barrel is on order, as is a centrifugal clutch assembly, carburetor bulb, fuel lines and gasket kit. As of now, the project sits on hold awaiting the arrival of the UPS man with a package.