The Wood Shop was Open for a Little Bit Last Month

With the re-arrangement of the garage, it was possible to do some work in there again. Combining a couple of interests, the latest project was construction of a top bar beehive. While the white box we’re all associated with it what you have in mind, this is quite different, requires a bit more work to keep up, but requires almost no extra equipment to manage. We’ll see how that all works out.

The design is from a guy in England, and everything there is metric. His dimensions, when translated, come to some nice full size lumber numbers here. Except you can’t easily get 12″x1″ boards around here. I ended up gluing up some boards then trimming ripping them in the table saw to get them to the right dimension.

The hive works horizontally. You may notice that I’ve included a window. I did that because I know that my curiosity would get the best of me and I’d be in the hive every week micromanaging the poor bees if I didn’t give myself a way to just look at ‘em every once in a while.

I put a nice copper foil roof on it then stuck it out in the yard so that it could “season” in the weather a bit before we install the bees later in April. Sorry, no outside pictures of it yet.


Upheaval in the Garage

The pile of crap kept getting deeper and there was no place to put any of it. The workbench was no longer usable a good portion of the time and to get anything done there had to be a rearrangement to make space. Once done, magically, the space made would disappear into the pile as if all the important things were moving themselves into the cleared space. Every time I had a little project, or a little maintenance to do, I had to move a bunch of stuff to make room to do it. Every project, every day.

Finally, I’d had enough and went wild. I bought a couple new shelving units, removed some old inefficient shelves, cut the old work bench down (who needs a 7 footer when all you do is store stuff on it?) and tore into the wall.

With the the change in floor plans came a new sub-panel in the garage. Now, to use the welder, I just have to plug it in instead of doing the move-the-dryer-and-use-an-extenstion-cord dance. Especially since every time I use it, the Mrs. wants to use the dryer. Also included is a dedicated 110V-20A service for an air compressor. Easily converted to 220 if I want. But I don’t. I’m pretty sure I won’t need a compressor that big. Ever.

So now, just a little sanding and putting all that stuff piled into the middle of the garage back where it belongs. It may be a while- it’s a lot of stuff.

The Blender; Progress and a deadline

Well, the Chili Cook-off is coming up and I’ve been a little bit busy lately trying to get the blender up and running for this year’s event. Between the freehand frame to carry it, and the beat-up gas tank from a chopper, my hands have been full and the garage has been covered in slag. The first order of business has been to get the engine in the frame and  running. And it does:

Now of course comes the hard part. How do I shoehorn it in and make it look good and work? More to come… I’m going to try to hammer this one out in the next few days.