More of the same?

The last vase was cut from 1/8″ steel. With a jig saw. I blew through 6 blades but still managed to get the shapes close. The flap wheel helped me get them even.

Not wanting to endure the same fate again, I made a quick CAD drawing with some free software and sent it over to the local metals supplier who just happens to have a massive C & C plasma cutter. Seriously, this machine is like 15 feet by 50 feet. So they didn’t have any problems cutting up a 4×8 sheet of 16 gauge sheet.

These are the shapes I had them cut:

There’s enough to build two vases of each shape, drop a terracotta pot in the top and add a base with feet. The feet themselves haven’t arrived from southern California yet, so the build process has stopped for now.


A Long Day on a Small bike

The San Francisco Classic was a few weekends ago. It’s a scooter rally put on by the Black Sheep Scooter Club in San Francisco for vintage scooters. After some deliberation and a little bit of preparation I decided to ride the 60+ miles to SF for the show.

I hit some fun scenery along the way, rode out from under the fog early, stopped for a coffee in Fairfax and made it in time for the 11:00 am ride.

The rally was a good time. There were a ton of vintage bikes there in all conditions, from “barn fresh” to full restored.

We smoked up SF in grand style, riding a curvatious route up and down most of the hills and finally ending up in Harding Park for a BBQ.

Then it was back on the road to get home before dark. This time I took the coast route and made time on Hwy 1 chasing down a bunch of Harleys. They had me in the straights but I caught them in the curves every time. I’m pretty sure the tail rider was not happy seeing me in his mirrors.

I ran my SPOT tracker the whole way… Here’s the track:

It was a long day indeed. Over 150 miles on a 2-stroke, 200cc metal frame, manual shift scooter. I do it again tomorrow if I had a reason. Or even if I didn’t have a reason but did have the time.

The Chairs are in

If you can't see the picture, you're missing out!

We had the steel chairs powder coated. They are now “Harley Orange” with a clear metal flake finish. Originally we were going to have the seating surfaces done in an antique white, but I think that they’re going to stay this way for a while. We photo-chopped some white-ish surfaces into the pictures and the chairs we less spectacular by the fact that there was less orange. Maybe when we’re a bit less smitten with these things we’ll make the change but for now they contrast very well with the blue Adirondacks we have back there.

Fitting feet to them is next on the list, so we don’t scratch all the coating off the bottom.